Today, Wednesday May 22, marks my two week anniversary as being a Corporate Marketing Intern at Netsertive. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Tori, it has only been two weeks, what could you possibly have to share? Do people even know your name yet?” Yes! They do in fact know my name, and yes I have so much to share.

As IT (Intern Tori), see, I already have a nickname and got it my first week. My daily to-do’s have consisted of navigating Hubspot, working on becoming NetCertified, and participating in various departmental meetings. Specifically, I was able to connect with our Google Strategic Partner Manager, Matt Targett, during a product marketing meeting with Gary Galloway, who is our Head of Product Marketing. The Product Marketing team is currently working with Google, to identify prospective YouTube advertising customers. My role in this project has been to collect data on current YouTube spend and identify customers that would be good candidates for YouTube.

YouTube advertising really should be part of every digital marketing campaign. With 1.8 billion active users, “YouTube has increasingly become a discovery platform, with some considering it to be the world’s second largest search engine” (Hutchinson). And the Data Products team at Netsertive did an analysis on all of the campaigns running both Search and YouTube and found that for every $500 spent on YouTube advertising, it adds 1,500 additional search impressions to their campaign. As a company, if your goal is to build and retain customer awareness and increase your overall search lift, you must include YouTube in your advertising mix.

So why are you waiting? Say “Yes” to YouTube today.

I’m so excited to have you follow along with me on my internship journey at Netsertive. Something tells me that if this first week is any indicator as to how the rest of this internship will go, then we will both be learning new things every day about the world of Digital Marketing, and I can’t wait to share that with you.

Until next time,
IT ( Intern Tori )

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