FranchiseFilming and Netsertive are thrilled to announce that their collaborative video series, The Franchise Masters, has been recognized as a winner in the 12th Web Excellence Awards for its outstanding performance in the Video and Podcast category. This achievement highlights the companies' dedication to the Franchise industry's innovation, evolution, and excellence in the digital realm.

Madeleine Zook, series Co-Creator, emphasizes, "The inception of The Franchise Masters marks a pivotal shift in how we approach education, networking, and collaboration within the franchise industry.” It's crucial to highlight the differences between corporate America and franchising. At its heart, franchising represents a commitment to helping others, and those deeply involved in the industry genuinely care about the countless lives touched by its transformative power."
Trevor Rappleye, CEO of FranchiseFilming and Co-Creator of The Franchise Masters, notes, "The Franchise Masters is revolutionizing storytelling in the franchise sector. There is a gap in the market for educating people through engaging long-form videos that truly tell a story. If you don’t go to expos and conferences, there is nothing to learn except low-resolution webinars. It’s time to change that. The series aims to captivate audiences, industry professionals, and enthusiasts through meticulously crafted narratives, an unwavering commitment to authenticity, and top-tier production quality. Kelvin Ochoa, Creative Director & Storyteller, and Jon Navales, Lead Editor & Storyteller, were an important part of this project as the leaders for Season One.”

The 12th Web Excellence Awards, a pioneering platform that acknowledges and promotes excellence in web development and digital innovation, celebrated an impressive array of talent and innovation from around the globe. This reinforces its mission to recognize and celebrate extraordinary achievements by creative teams and individuals worldwide.

“We’re excited to roll out season 2 featuring 14 new masters,” says Erin Martin, VP of Marketing at Netsertive. “The collective experience and stories from the series' new franchise executives is truly a wealth of knowledge and incredible to hear.”

This recognition underscores the company's outstanding contributions to the digital realm and its dedication to pushing the envelope in digital marketing. The new season of Franchise Masters can be watched here: https://www.netsertive.com/franchise-masters

About Netsertive

Netsertive delivers multi-location marketing technology solutions that enable franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized marketing at the intersection of our proprietary technology and deep hyper-local expertise. Our Multi-Location Experience Platform creates, deploys, and provides the data to efficiently manage profitable, localized marketing at scale while you focus on delivering value to your customers. Over 1,500 retailers, franchises, auto dealers, and media companies trust our unique solution that couples our technology and team to execute localized content, advertising & insights at scale. Learn how Netsertive can enable you to deliver highly effective, localized marketing experiences at www.netsertive.com.

About FranchiseFilming

Founded by serial entrepreneur Trevor Rappleye, Franchise Filming is a leading, full-service video production provider that helps franchisors and suppliers nationwide drive leads and win more clients with monthly marketing videos via a VIP membership model. The FranchiseFilming membership provides a world-class WOW customer service experience with monthly professional videos that will drive sales without corporate video production hassles – no travel costs or extra fees, with final videos completed in five to ten business days. Whether companies seek to raise awareness or drive more sales, FranchiseFilming provides a creative, high-quality solution by creating memorable and engaging videos that inspire people to take action and drive sales. For more information, please visit www.franchisefilming.com.

About the Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards is a leading international competition celebrating the best in web development and digital innovation. Established to recognize and promote excellence across the digital industry, the awards provide a platform for innovation and creativity to be acknowledged globally. Website: https://we-awards.com

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