2023 IFA Annual Convention The Ultimate Guide for Franchise Marketers by Netsertive

IFA’s annual convention is a huge event for the industry and franchise marketers alike. At Netsertive, we get super excited to join our fellow marketers and geek out on all things franchise marketing. To prepare, we pulled together all the best resources and speakers for the 2023 IFA Annual Convention related to the world of marketing. Check out our guide below for the cliff notes that all attending franchise marketers should know!

Top IFA 2023 Franchise Marketing Sessions and Events

Looking through the online agenda, paper program, and conference app for the right sessions to attend can be a little daunting. We did the work for you and recapped all the top educational sessions and events you won’t want to miss.

Sunday February 26th

Annual Leadership Conference, 11:30 AM - 3:45 PM 
‍Leadership Evolution: Adopting a state of mind to rethink, reinvent and stay relevant. This conference will focus on your commitment to continuous growth. Learn how to accelerate climates of innovative learning and development within service to your stakeholders, community, and business. Additional fee applies.

Monday February 27th

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT, AI, and Machine Learning to Drive Growth and Operational Efficiencies in your Franchise System (Industry/Trends Track), 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Launched late last year, ChatGPT has achieved the fastest user growth of any technology in the history of humanity (more than 1 million new users in the first week). Learn from a panel of industry-experts as they share real-world examples of how franchisors are leveraging these new technologies in marketing, sales, franchise development, customer service, franchise support and more.

Real-Life Wins: 6 Franchise Brands Share Their Biggest Marketing Wins (Marketing Track), 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM 
With more than decades of experience on one panel, attendees will take away best practices to create their own “win” in their brand. From defining a strategy to outlining a solid plan, learn from marketing leaders on how they were able to innovate their brand’s omni-channel experience, redefine customer communication to drive business and create awareness, as well as implement internal efficiencies through tools that set their teams up for success.

Thought Leadership Roundtables, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM         
Two 40-minute rounds, same facilitator and topic each round. Come visit our VP of Marketing, Erin Martin, as she facilitates the ‘Bridging National and Local Marketing Programs’ roundtable discussion. 

CFE Celebration with 2023 Graduates, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM         
Whether you are a current CFE or celebrating your graduation this year, join us to network with others who have achieved the designation and toast to those who have just completed! Open to all current CFEs and the graduating classes of 2022 & 2023 only.

Tuesday, February 28th

Thought Leadership Roundtables, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM   
Two 40-minute rounds, same facilitator and topic each round

What's Next in Digital? (Marketing Track), 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM  
For the Marketeers, this session is designed to showcase some of these new things to inspire thought and brainstorm among attendees. *Ideally, this would be an outside speaker vs. just the perspective of brands.

Wednesday, March 1st

All for One, But Not One (Marketing Plan) for All (Marketing Track), 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM  
The franchise industry is known for the many business concepts branded to meet the increasing wants and needs of today's consumers. But when it comes to the development and execution of a marketing plan, there is no one-size-fits-all approach! Luckily, the franchise industry is also known for something else...sharing! Join us as we spotlight three brands in different sectors of franchising, at different sizes and vintages, with different budgets, and with different takes on what it takes to start, evolve, and grow a franchise with an integrated marketing plan. Come for the lively discussion and innovative approaches; stay for the best practices and Q&A! 

IFA 2023 Convention and Event Information

You either love or hate Vegas. Regardless of where you land, there will be a ton to do in an action packed four days on the Strip. On top of the regular epic parties, here’s a few handy links and information related to your stay.

Tarot Card Ready and Happy Hour, Sponsored by Netsertive

If you’re a franchise marketer interested in our invite only Tarot card reading and happy hour on Monday night, let us know! As leaders in localized digital marketing we love to geek out, hang out, and relentlessly pursue the latest trends and what the future of marketing may hold. 

Tarot Card Ready and Happy Hour at the IFA 2023 Convention Sponsored by Netsertive
Tarot Card Ready and Happy Hour at the IFA 2023 Convention Sponsored by Netsertive

Book Your Hotel at Mandalay Bay

From a sandy beach to dining and entertainment, Mandalay Bay has 120 acres of casinos, rooms, and restaurants. While Mandalay Bay is attached to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, get your walking shoes or Uber app ready to navigate between the two. 

If you haven’t booked your room yet, you can access the 2023 IFA Convention Booking link for Mandalay Bay here to get your room reserved. In addition, both Mandalay Bay and Delano Las Vegas are a part of MGM Resorts and you can download their mobile app for easy digital room key access through your phone. 

Book Your Hotel at Delano Las Vegas

Delano Las Vegas (formerly known as THEhotel) is located within the Mandalay Bay complex on the Strip and is also operated by MGM Resorts. If you haven’t booked your room yet, you can access the 2023 IFA Convention Booking link for Delano Las Vegas here to get your room reserved. And again, both Mandalay Bay and Delano Las Vegas are a part of MGM Resorts and you can download their mobile app for easy digital room key access through your phone. 

Explore Las Vegas 

Although Les Vegas in known for being Sin City, there is a lot of clean fun to be had whether it’s seeing a show, enjoying amazing food, or riding a rollercoaster. Check out the Visit Las Vegas website to explore Las Vegas!

How Franchise Marketers Can Join In on the Excitement Leading Up to IFA 2023

One of the best parts of being a franchise marketer is joining the amazing Franchise community. Here’s 5 ways to get involved prior to the event and jump start networking to learn from the industry and your peers. 

  1. Join the IFA’s Marketing and Innovation Committee Virtual Roundtable - February 1, 2023 from 1:00 - 2:30 pm ET to discuss Storytelling Through Digital Marketing and The Stages of Becoming a Franchise Brand
  2. Download the Conference App when it comes out
  3. Join the first-time attendee pre-convention webinar
  4. Join the New Member & First Time Attendee Dine Arounds with Board Members on Sunday, February 26th
  5. Share that you’re attending on social media with the asset below

We’re looking forward to the biggest event in franchising and hope our guide has built excitement for all of you franchise marketers out there! 

If you want a fellow marketer to say hi to at the event or want to connect to geek out on all things marketing, let us know we would love to connect!

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