Netsertive works with a variety of franchisors and multi-location businesses to help drive new leads and achieve sales goals. Here’s a story of how we worked with Mosquito Shield to help them gain a clearer understanding of exactly how their digital advertising was performing.

The Challenge

Mosquito Shield, a leader in residential mosquito and tick control, was looking to gain more clarity and transparency into how their digital advertising was performing across their entire network and each of their individual Mosquito Shield locations.

Netsertive had been challenged with providing that level of transparency and insight, while driving more leads through inbound phone calls and website traffic at a lower cost than their current agency

The Solution

Starting with a pilot with four of the mosquito shield  locations, Netsertive used their Digital Advertising Platform to deploy localized search, display, and social ads, with custom media plans, creative, and budgets for each location—optimized for producing a low cost-per-lead. After the campaigns were underway, the Platform’s real-time insights made it easy to identify and make daily updates to budget and channel allocation in order to refine campaign performance for each individual location.

Mosquito Shield was able to log into Netsertive’s Analytics Dashboard to gather powerful business insights in real time. They were able to view their performance metrics at both the network and individual location level, while also listening to their inbound calls and tracking web traffic and leads. Netsertive’s technology and this level of precision, media planning, optimization, and insights by location, gave Mosquito Shield the level performance and campaign transparency they were looking for in a technology partner. Mosquito Shield has since expanded the program to additional locations after recognizing a 32% decrease in their cost-per-lead.

The Results

“Switching to Netsertive enhanced our digital advertising program with a heightened degree of transparency and proactive campaign management. We were able to see budget allocation and performance by channel, format, and location, and even listen to inbound phone calls to ensure the sales room was properly handling leads. This level of transparency and control allowed my team to better understand how each location’s campaign was performing, allowing us to make better decisions for our franchisees. Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with the results.”

Adam Noble, VP of Marketing, Mosquito Shield

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