Google Shopping Ads are ideal for multi-location retailers with a blend of ecommerce and in-store showrooms. According to research, they convert at a 30% higher rate than search ads alone and can help businesses earn greater results from their online ads.

Here’s how it works.

Shopping Ads: The Basics

When you search for something online, one of the very first results is usually a “virtual shelf” of products for sale from various competitors. These are Shopping Ads—highly visual product descriptions that present shoppers with all the information they need to know to begin considering your product.

For example, Margaret has family visiting next week and needs to upgrade her guest room. She searches online “queen mattress serta” and is immediately served with a number of Google Shopping ads from retailers in her area.

Now, depending on how quickly Margaret needs the mattress she can choose to order the mattress online through the retailer OR travel to the location down the road to test out the mattress first.

Whether your business operates solely through eCommerce, solely in person, or a combination of both, Google Shopping Ads are optimized to capture the attention of qualified shoppers and propel them further down the sales funnel.

We Live in a Hybrid Shopping World

63% of shopping events begin online. Even if they end up purchasing from a physical store location, the majority of your customers are beginning their customer journey online.

With a strong online presence and a streamlined shopping experience for their customers, retailers have increased chances of winning new customers and bigger sales. According to a study, Google found that brands are 74% less likely to get a click on a paid text ad when a competitor is running on a Shopping ad and they are not.

If your business isn’t running shopping ads, you’re missing out on one of the most highly qualified audience segments out there.

The customer journey is more complex than ever before, which is why Netsertive is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for our customers to help them bridge the gap between online and in-store. Retailers need to make their customer journey as easy, stress-free, and streamlined as possible. We make it happen.

Amplify Shopping Ads with “Smart” Targeting

When running Shopping Ad campaigns for our clients, Netsertive combines data feed optimization with Google Smart Shopping. This way, we are able to serve ads to prospective customers with images of inventory that the client currently has in stock.

This way, you don’t run the risk of accidentally showing a prospective customer a product they want that you don’t actually have in stock at the moment.

In addition, we also use dynamic retargeting so that the clients we work with always remain top-of-mind with customers who have already expressed interest in them—thereby increasing the chance of converting them into a sale.

It’s all About the Shopping Feed Data: Optimizing for ROAS

One of the key ways Netsertive deploys Shopping Ads is by combining it with data feed optimization to achieve more successful results and a better return on ad spend.

With data feed optimization, we can make sure that the Shopping Ads are advertising products with a high ROAS and that are in-stock. In addition, we optimize the title of each product with search-friendly keywords and enhance SEO performance for each product.

By using Data Feed Optimization combined with Google Smart Shopping, we’ve seen a 314% increase in Return on Ad Spend over Shopping Campaigns alone.

In order to achieve this, the data from your ecommerce website needs to be up-to-date, structured, and search-engine friendly for Google in order to have Shopping Ads show up at the right time to optimal consumers.

What are some results you’ve seen from Shopping Ads?

When Netsertive launched a Smart Shopping Campaign for one of our home goods clients, a furniture retailer looking to upgrade their ecommerce business, we saw compelling results that demonstrate how effective this ad type is.

Because this client is in the furniture industry, which has an ever-changing inventory of available products and furniture, we knew a Smart Shopping Campaign would be an effective way to push their advertising strategy to generate more sales and bigger profits.

Smart Shopping Campaigns are ideal for this type of industry because they are able to dynamically promote in-stock products to drive more online sales.

The Netsertive Platform

Our advertising platform is built to help multi-location businesses easily and automatically scale their ads to the location level to better target customers. By connecting the Netsertive platform to this client’s online inventory feed, we were able to scale the optimization of product detail data, while prioritizing high priority, high ROAS products and categories.

Through this campaign, Netsertive was able to drive more retail sales to the client’s mix of ecommerce and in-store locations. What resulted was a 139% increase in Return on Ad Spend.

Build a Stronger Advertising Strategy with Netsertive

Interested in adding Google Shopping Ads to your advertising strategy? Give us a call today so we can discuss how to leverage google shopping ads to drive more leads and greater profit for your business.

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