It’s a hot day outside. Just as you are wishing you had an ice cream cone in your hand, a flashing notification pops up on your phone screen. It’s an offer from the Ben & Jerry’s shop two blocks away. This is the potential of location-based marketing.


As people are increasingly carrying their smartphones with them anywhere they go, they are also sharing their location data with various applications. Using this data, businesses and marketers can target individuals who are close to their locations. Additionally, marketers can use this localized data to personalize the message to the people they are aiming to target. This is huge because consumers now see more advertisements than ever before, and personalization increases the relevance of your marketing campaign and makes your consumer more likely to engage.


Factual, a leader in global communication data, sponsored Lawless Research to do a study regarding whether using location data makes marketing and advertising more effective. The study surveyed 700 location data buyers including advertising agencies and consumer brand companies. Here’s what they found:

  • Location data boosts the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns as at least 83% of marketers saw increased growth in customer base, experienced higher response rates, and higher customer engagement
  • Campaign effectiveness increases as location-based data personalizes the consumer experience as at least 84% saw increased campaign effectiveness, positive customer experience, and an increased understanding of their audiences.
  • The following data on benefits across diverse metrics:
Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.11.29 AM

Source: Factual Study


As can be seen by these statistics, it is clear that location-based advertising has been a major influence in boosting campaign effectiveness, creating a better customer experience, and increasing consumer engagement. Moving forward, location-based advertising will play an even bigger role for marketers as technology advances to make location data more accurate and more tools are developed to take advantage of the data and reach the consumer at an even more personalized level.

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