Introducing: Netsertive’s brand new podcast, the Multi-Location Marketing Leader!

In this series, we’ll be sitting down to interview multi-location marketers, franchisees, and other industry players to uncover the stories and strategies that will help listeners develop themselves as dynamic, multi-location marketing leaders.

Multi-location marketers tackle the complex task of growing brands and franchises across multiple markets. With a full plate of stakeholders to influence and campaigns to run, each day brings new challenges that require insight and perspective to overcome. In this podcast, we hope to dig into some of those complex problems and highlight the creative solutions multi-location marketers are using to overcome them. 

Strategies for Success from Top Industry Players

Multi-location marketers take on the burden of not only marketing for a national brand, but playing a major contribution in the lives and success of local businesses—the retailers, franchisees, and dealerships that depend upon the brand to help fuel the success and livelihood of their business. 

These marketers are player-coaches, savvy business people, and relentless when it comes to putting the customer first. With so much ownership and responsibilities on their plate, we want to provide a source of inspiration to help them do their job better, with tactical insights, stories, and learnings from fellow marketers and industry experts in their shoes. 

A Look Inside the Balancing Act of Digital Advertising

At any given time marketers have 10+ priorities and initiatives on their plate to tackle… With so many objectives and goals, finding the right one to tackle first is a challenge. To save time, money, and energy, it’s important to focus first on the initiatives that will make the most impact. The problem is: how do you know which will be the most effective right out the bat?

There are so many different ways to handle digital advertising and marketing on the brand and franchise level. Hearing stories and best practices from other marketers who are in the exact same position as you is a great way to find out which methods work for different types of businesses. 

In a time when so much of our traditional networking events have been put on hold, we want to provide an informal and interesting way for new marketers to learn from the experiences of our podcast guests. Our guests often have 20+ years of franchise and retail experience running million dollar brands, with hundreds of locations relying on them for support and to help drive profitability for their business.

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