Hey everyone! I'm Mackenzie Newnam, a rising Freshman at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. I’m not sure what I will major in just yet, but most likely marketing. This summer I am interning with the Marketing team and so far my internship has been off to a great start! The Marketing Team has asked me to complete this Q&A to help better introduce myself.

Why Netsertive?
Initially, I was drawn to Netsertive because of its stellar reputation in the digital marketing field, but I quickly learned that what makes Netsertive really special is the people.

How do you spend your free time?
I have a lot of different hobbies ranging from photography to singing to tennis. When I am not busy taking pictures or at the tennis courts I love hanging out with friends, going to cool restaurants, and watching a good movie.

What are you most excited to learn during your summer internship?
I am excited to develop a firm marketing foundation by being involved in numerous projects and I’m excited to learn new programs, terms, and ideas that will aid in the production and effectiveness of these projects.

What aspect of marketing would you say is your favorite?
I love the creative aspects of marketing, such as writing content, creating digital graphics/designs, and designing layouts.

How would you explain digital marketing to your grandparents?
It is essentially marketing but you use different technology mediums, like the internet, to market products, people, places, and ideas. It’s why you keep getting Facebook advertisements and emails from people you don’t know. :)

When someone says marketing, what are three words that come to mind?
Creativity. Customer. Content.

What was your favorite thing about your first week at Netsertive?
I absolutely loved getting to meet so many amazing people, specifically on the Marketing team.


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