Inc. Business Media today announced the inaugural Power Partner Awards, honoring B2B organizations across the globe that have proven track records supporting entrepreneurs and helping startups grow. Netsertive, a marketing technology provider that enables brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale, has been recognized among the top marketing and advertising companies to receive the inaugural award.

Award-winners received top marks from clients for being instrumental in helping leadership navigate the dynamic world of startups. These B2B partners support companies across various facets of the business, including compliance, marketing execution, infrastructure development, cloud migration, and others, allowing business owners to focus on their core missions.

"Trusted B2B partners provide guidance and expertise that founders rely on at various steps of their organization's journey. Partners that possess a demonstrated ability to deliver quality support are at the core of entrepreneurship and help bring big ideas to life," says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. Business media.

"It is always an honor to receive an award that highlights the work and care we put into each and every one of our client partnerships," noted Netsertive CEO, Brendan Morrissey. "Netsertive's offerings span many industry verticals including automotive, franchises, and other multi-location businesses. It is not only our job but our passion to support these businesses in reaching their highest potential."

Inc. partnered with leading global social and media intelligence platform Meltwater to develop a proprietary methodology that uses sentiment from online conversations about organizations and translates it into numerical scores. Companies were evaluated on commitment, reliability, trust, creativity, supportiveness, and other virtues that offer value to clients. Inc. also conducted surveys to gather client testimonials as part of the process.

To view the complete list, go to: https://www.inc.com/power-partner-awards/2022.

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