As the old saying goes, "it takes money to make money."

Pairing a serious, right-sized digital investment that fits your market and your goals with a proven digital vendor with expertise in your industry and technology, will help you get more customers for less money and truly get an outsized return on investment (ROI).

How? A pro will help you win the battle for new customers all day long, so you beat your competitors to appear in the first 2 ads at the top of Google searches, on websites related to your products, deliver video ads, and reach people on Facebook - all at the lowest cost per click and conversion.

The secret to winning the battle for search visibility is a strong ad rank.

Better Digital Marketing Results

The higher your ad rank, the less you'll have to pay (bid) to win a top spot in Google’s search results, and the less you'll pay for a click. A strong ad rank will also enhance your performance with display, video, and social media advertising.

Google wants its users to have a good experience, so they take into account the words in your ads and the content of the page people click through to see into scoring the relevance of your ad to each search.

That's why landing pages on your website - from your top brands or product information pages - for each of your products or services are so important. The more precisely your ad lines up with what's on the destination page, the higher your ad rank will be, which means you'll show up at the top of the search results and pay less for a click.

The Good News

No one can pay their way to the top of results. Even if you wanted to pay $100 to appear at the top of the results for a given search, if your ad copy and the place we send the click aren’t relevant enough, you won’t appear in the search results at all.

Here's a chart to highlight how it all works:


Takeaways for Winning the Search Auction:

  1. You cannot bid your way to the top of the results.
  1. You only have to pay just enough to beat the advertiser below you. (Quality score is the tie breaker if you bid the same as another advertiser.)
  1. Quality score matters, separating professional from generic digital vendors. You must have landing pages for each category of product or service and brand you’re advertising for. Sending clicks to these pages will increase your relevance, and your quality score, lowering your costs dramatically. As Google says, be relevant, be compelling and drive traffic to landing pages that deliver on what you promise in your ad, and you can feel confident your score should reflect that quality.
  1. Make campaign changes often: 500-2,000 changes a month is necessary to beat your competition. Change the wording of your ads, which words you’re bidding on, your creative/landing pages to be more relevant to searches in your market. This will boost your quality score so you'll pay less over time for a click.

Trust the Experts to Drive Customers in Your Doors

As you shop for a digital vendor, you can trust "Google Premier Partners" – just a handful of which specialize in your industry like Netsertive – who can better spend your monthly investment to send quality customers to your website at the lowest cost each.

At Netsertive, we’ve invested in technology and expert teams who work with you to turn your sales goals into a properly-funded campaign that reaches only high-intent customers, effectively turning clicks into customers. You get a superior return on investment month after month.


For a slightly higher fee over a generic digital vendor, putting a right-sized investment of $2,000 a month or more into a digital campaign with Netsertive makes it possible to:

  1. Reach 70% (or more) of people doing research on Google for specific products and services every month.
  2. 8% click through rate on your ads.
  3. Avg. cost of $3-$5 per click. (Varies by market and keyword.)
  4. Pay 12% less cost per click (CPC).
  5. 12-24% convert on your website.
  6. Get a positive return on investment (ROI).

It takes a multi-channel campaign to turn clicks into customers. We’ll better spend your investment so your ads appear on the first page of Google search results in the top positions. And you'll see an increasing number of new customers coming into your business to buy at a lower cost each.

Plus, our experts add banner ads, digital video advertising (YouTube) and Facebook placements to increase your search engine marketing results by 50% or more.

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