Griswold Home Care on Uniting Franchise Marketing and Company Culture for Franchisee Success

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Michael Slupecki + Shelley Kanther


Griswold Home Care

The success of Griswold Home Care lies in their team's ability to serve others with compassion. It takes uniquely empathetic franchisees, caregivers, and home office employees to succeed in the home care space, which creates a strong lens for all aspects of marketing. How do you build a brand that stands for your core values and facilitates relationship building at the local level? In this episode, Griswold Home Care's CEO, Michael Slupecki, and VP of Marketing, Shelley Kanther, share their insights on the art of franchise marketing and how a compassion-focused culture extends to every part of their business.

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Guest Profile

Michael Slupecki + Shelley Kanther

Griswold Home Care

Before joining Griswold Home Care as CEO in February 2020, Michael Slupecki served as Chief Financial Officer of BioMatrix, a national specialty pharmacy based in Plantation, Florida.

Prior to BioMatrix, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer during Interim HealthCare’s transformation into Caring Brands International (CBI) – a multinational franchisor providing in-home medical and non-medical care, utilizing three brands across seven countries. During his tenure at CBI, the company doubled revenues and is currently a billion-dollar network comprised of 550 franchise locations.


Shelley Kanther is new to Griswold Home Care, having just joined the team last November. She spent the last 10 years in the appliance industry, most recently as the Marketing & Digital Strategy Director for The New England Group, a cooperative buying organization with 105 local independent retail members.

Prior to that, Shelley was the Northeast Regional Marketing Manager for Electrolux Major Appliances. In both roles, Shelley set corporate digital strategy while creating effective marketing plans for individual businesses. Having been a partner at Hoopla Marketing & PR and a Marketing Director for both Comcast and CBS Radio, she brings 23 years of experience to Griswold.