The hottest trend in marketing right now isn’t video or TikTok… it’s AI. That’s right: the robots are taking over!

All jokes aside, AI is an extremely useful tool for marketers and the organizations they serve. When used efficiently, it yields a tremendous amount of benefits including higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns, increased customer satisfaction, and advanced analytics and reporting.

To give you a full, in-depth idea of how AI is being used in marketing would take way too long, so here’s a brief overview:

Some Common Uses of AI in Marketing

Chances are, you encounter some type of marketing AI almost every day. The most common uses of AI in digital marketing include chatbots, predictive analytics, and machine-learning powered advertising tactics—but really, this technology is everywhere.

For example, when you’re browsing on Netflix and find a great movie to watch in the “Recommended for You” category, AI’s predictive analytics helped make that happen. Or, perhaps you’re shopping for makeup online. Sephora has a bot that helps you match your skin tone with the correct shade of makeup. These are just two small examples—AI’s online capabilities only continue to grow. 2020 is poised to be the year of AI in marketing technology.

So, here are some more technical examples of using AI to help power your marketing strategy.


By and away, chatbots are one of the most popular uses of AI in marketing. They are everywhere, and they’re very easy to integrate on your website. Depending on your business, and the type of chatbot software your purchase, you can even train your bot to better respond to your customers’ unique inquiries.

While chatbots should never have the final say in dealing with a customer’s problems, they are a great way to diagnose and solve minor issues, handle frequently asked questions, and gather more information about the way your clients interact with your brand or retail location.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is pretty self-explanatory: it involves extracting information from different data sets to make predictions about future analytics and customer behavior. This is a relatively new feature for AI and is extremely beneficial to improving customer experience overall.

Many marketers rely on predictive analytics to “reverse engineer” the customer experience from a brand perspective—allowing them to pinpoint which aspects of the marketing strategy influenced the customer to purchase.

Smart Bidding & Machine Learning

Smart bidding is a revolution in advertising. Google’s Smart Bidding tool relies on a machine-learning algorithm to automatically bid on ad space for marketers. This algorithm gets to know your marketing campaigns—in fact, that’s the only thing it does. As such, it has the ability to make intelligent decisions about which ad spaces to bid on, and how much to bid.

We’ve written about smart bidding in depth before, but we really can’t overstate how powerful this tool can be.

The Key Benefits to AI

From a high-level perspective, AI has some pretty significant benefits: it can increase ROI and improve the efficiencies of marketing campaigns in specific ways. Underneath those overarching umbrellas, however, there are a number of additional benefits most marketers don’t think about when they think about AI.

AI’s Influence on Your Company’s Marketing Campaigns

  • Reducing Data Errors: When you have a machine-learning program sorting your data for you, you can always rest assured: it only has one job to do, it’s really good at it, and it never needs to take a break.
  • Automation Saves Time and Money: AI-powered marketing software can further streamline your processes—deciding what time of day or what day of the week to to send an email, engage with a prospect, and what kind of advertising content to create that is best aligned with your objectives.
  • Improved Localization and Personalization: The right AI-enabled platform should be able to take your message and localize it for your audiences in specific local markets. Additionally, you can use AI to personalize your company’s message based on your audience’s demographics and interests.

Finding the Right AI-Enabled Marketing Platform

To make AI work for you, you have to find the right kind of software or platform. With so many different options out there, deciding which platform best aligns with your company's needs can be tricky.

For example, if you’re a retail, healthcare, or automotive company looking to reach highly qualified customers in hard-to-target local markets, you might be interested in our AI-enabled platform that allows for easy scaled localization. Using the power of AI, you can custom-tailor your message to apply to your most relevant local customers.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today to begin solving your marketing localization problem with AI.

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