A Deep Dive on CTV with Netsertive & The Trade Desk

Audiences have been flocking to streaming content for awhile now and advertisers are finally catching up. This blog post breaks down our latest webinar on Connected TV (CTV) advertising and everything multi-location businesses need to know about the opportunity.

Before we dive into why Connected TV (CTV) matters, let’s define what the TV consumption landscape looks like. Traditionally, consumers accessed TV content through cable/satellite services or over-the-air broadcasters. Today, consumers can access TV content anytime, anywhere due to networks increasingly delivering OTT content using an internet connection. OTT media can be accessed from smart TVs & other connected TV devices or from devices like (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Supporting CTV for MLB/Franchise.

What is Connected TV?

Connected TV, or CTV, refers to inter-connected devices that stream content from different sources. The content itself is known as Over The Top (OTT) programming. The key difference between Connected TV and traditional TV is that CTV is sourced from the Internet. Not only can you watch TV shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, or Prime, but you can also stream non-traditional content from YouTube and similar websites.

A Connected TV device is the biggest screen in the household, delivering premium TB content through a connection to the internet. Marketers can now reach more households through CTV than traditional linear TV. CTV can help you reach vast audiences that aren’t watching cable anymore—or never did. You can also unify your ad buys across linear and streaming, with smarter measurement and more control over who sees your ads and how often.

Localized CTV ads for multi-location brand marketers

How does Connected TV Advertising work for Multi-Location Businesses?

CTV advertising combines the feel of a traditional television ad with the advanced targeting capabilities of digital advertising. CTV advertisers can target very specific audiences with their ads—giving them the opportunity to create ads with creative messaging exclusive to these audiences. Plus, because CTV is digital, you get all the advantages of digital advertising when it comes to measuring results and tracking performance. With Netsertive Connected TV advertising, you can easily track all the important metrics, such as ad completion rates, attribution, store visits, and the actions your audience members take after viewing one of your ads. You can localize within our platform by segmenting campaigns based on audiences and locations, proprietary tech to localize video assets.

Why Connected TV for Franchises?

CTV advertising provides exciting new ways to execute localization at scale for franchise brands and multi-location businesses. A campaign can be run be run centrally, nation-wise or within a specific region, yet still have the customized creative, media plan, and targeting of a local campaign. This provides the best of both worlds; brand awareness and a local call to action.

With Netsertive, our proprietary technology takes a brand's national video and dynamically inserts locally relevant information, URLs and CTAs, then serves it to the unique area served. The instant modifications take the leg work out of deploying and reporting on hundreds of unique videos, creative, and media plans for each of your individual locations. In addition to the local targeting and creative localization, a few other general benefits to CTV advertising includes:

  • Premium Inventory: Tap into the same inventory you are used to buying direct.
  • Audience Targeting: Minimize waste by using data to target the right audience.
  • Frequency Controls: Deliver customized messages in moments that matter most. 
  • Measurable Results: Understand how exposures on TV influence consumer action. 

Who's the Audience? 

Household Targeting: Frequency cap against first- or third-party data to focus CTV ads on your most valuable viewers. Apply linear TV data and lookalike modeling to use characteristics of your high-performing online audience to find new high-value households and focus your CTV ads. 

TV Retargeting: Retarget households that have seen your CTV commercials across all their devices. Take advantage of other formats including native, audio, or display, or even retarget households with another CTV commercial. 

Connected TV for Multi-Location Businesses

What are the benefits to advertising on Connected TV?

Targeting: With Netsertive’s CTV ads, you can target audiences based on a variety of different factors and signals. These include website visitor retargeting, geographics, buyer intent, demographics, income, and more.

Reach: With more people “cutting the cord” of traditional Cable TV and opting to stream their content online, CTV advertisers have a huge opportunity to reach wider and more diverse demographics of people who are getting their streaming content online through CTV.

Impact: Your ads have the chance to go further when you’re serving them to a relevant, targeted audience that doesn’t mind watching ads (if it means they get to stream their content for a lower cost).

Why Should Multi-Location Business Advertise on CTV?

Localized CTV ads with Netsertive provides a way for marketers of multi-location businesses to deploy a brand awareness campaign, but target specific zip codes and dynamically insert location information for the closest dealer, retailer, or franchisee. This way, viewers see a brand compliant ad-spot yet are provided with a local call-to-action, driving more immediate demand.

Localized CTV advertising with Netsertive
Brand video with localized overlay

CTV has advanced targeting capabilities for digital advertising but with the feel of a traditional television ad. Netsertive’s Connected TV (CTV) ads combine our proprietary localization technology and CTV advertising to give location-based businesses a leg up on the competition. You can connect CTV ads viewers to other digital channels, website visitors, appoints and sales. You can also run customized, local digital advertising campaigns while keeping central control. Measure the impact of your media on business outcomes and tap into the largest premium CTV inventory marketplace. 

To learn more about CTV check out our webinar or contact us to learn more.

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