As a practice owner, you should know that your current and potential patients are using the Internet to find you and evaluate your practice. Are they able to find you easily? Digital Marketing can be confusing, but we are here to help! Take a deep breath and let’s go over a few things...

In the past, patients used the Yellow Pages to find you, but times have changed. Today, the Internet is the new Yellow Pages. People mostly use Google and other search engines to search for local practices when they’re ready to schedule an appointment. Netsertive makes it easy for your practice to be visible when patients type in a search and when they click on your ads, they’re taken directly to your website.

I’ll bet you’ve purchased outdoor advertising in the past - billboards, exterior building signage, etc. You can think of display ads on the Internet as signage for your practice, but in this case, the messaging is much more effective and actionable. Display ads show your practice’s logo, contain a clear call to action, and promote brand awareness to everyone who sees them.

Netsertive positions display ads across thousands of websites like WebMD, DiscoveryHealth, WeatherChannel and more, so that when local patients are researching a treatment or procedure, your practice is visible just as if they were driving by. Now patients are in the driver’s seat more than ever because they can easily click on your ad, land on your website, and explore everything you have to offer.

The Internet has also become a place to connect with family and friends. Social media sites like Facebook are used by more than 88% of Americans today. Using technology to identify patterns in consumer profiles, Netsertive makes it easy to create and deliver highly targeted ads to potential patients that share similar demographics and characteristics of ideal, local patients.

Finally, television ads are another great way to reach local patients, but most video content today is consumed online. Netsertive provides digital video advertising that makes it easy to reach local patients online. We help you put your videos in front of YouTube viewers, of which there are 1.86 billion worldwide (source: Statista), as well as visitors to thousands of relevant websites that offer digital video spots. Remember, every click leads right back to your website.

Improving your online presence through digital marketing will not only increase your opportunities to be discovered by new patients, but will better connect you with your current patients, making it a win-win for everyone!

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