Netsertive, a marketing technology provider that enables franchise brands and multi-location businesses to execute localized digital marketing at scale, is proud to introduce Multi-Location Experience (MLX) Platform 2.0. This next evolution of the Platform elevates multi-location brand marketers with even more ability to drive control, productivity and faster decisions. It is powered by innovation in centralized analytics, AI automation and direct integrations across the Martech ecosystem.

In addition to a new modern interface for its Insights Manager dashboard, MLX 2.0 features even more integrations to enable brands to simplify their marketing operations and better understand their network through benchmarking and ROAS analytics. In 2023 Netsertive released 75+ platform updates with new data modules, benchmarking views, and integrations for better system-wide attribution. In addition, these innovations eliminate the barriers between different digital systems, allowing marketers to efficiently manage a unified back-end marketing system designed for multiple stakeholders and their unique perspectives and goals.

"Streamlining marketing operations and making it incredibly simple for our owners to run efficient and effective digital marketing campaigns is our top priority. Netsertive's Platform and digital team save time for our franchise owners, while centralizing all the intel we need to make quick decisions and understand what's happening across all locations, " says Ira Klusendorf, VP of Marketing, Verlo Mattress. "We're moving faster and more efficiently with Netsertive and set-up well for 2024."

The MLX Platform has been continuously evolving and expanding with new features. Last year, Netsertive also launched Local Listings Management, Social Media Management, and Reviews Monitoring, a series of new offerings that make it even easier for multi-location marketers to improve their local discoverability, increase engagement with shoppers and drive organic leads.

“We’re now fully integrating often-siloed marketing tactics such as Localized Microsites, SEO, advertising programs, listings and review management, and more,” says Herb Brittner, Netsertive’s VP of Engineering. “Our Platform is increasing multi-location marketers’ control and speed, enabling automatic changes to marketing messages by location, driven by integrated data inputs such as inventory, appointment availability or weather.”

Learn how Netsertive's MLX Platform will elevate your business operations and improve profitability through the delivery of high-performance localized marketing experiences at scale by visiting www.netsertive.com.

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