Google recently announced they would be providing small and medium-sized businesses across the world with a total of $340 million in ad credits, to be available to use throughout the end of 2020.

While Google has not released all of the details for how they plan on rolling out these ad credits, as a Google Partner, Netsertive is in close communication with Google and will let our customers know when more details are available and credits start to show up. Here’s the latest on what we do know so far.

Which Businesses are Eligible?

In order to receive an ad credit, businesses must have an active Google Ads account that has spent money on advertising for 10 out of 12 months in 2019 and in January and February of this year.

So, in order to receive ad credits from Google your business must have spent money on Google Ads in 2020.

In addition, businesses are eligible if they advertised directly with Google or through a Google Partner, such as Netsertive.

How Can I Use the Ad Credit?

According to Google’s most recent update, this ad credit can be used for future Google Ads spend. As such, it cannot be used for past billed or invoiced Google Ads spend. Businesses will be able to use the ad credits across the Google Ads platform—including Search, Display, and YouTube as well as all campaign types.  

Google just announced that the Ad Credit will begin to become available to businesses in late May, and will be gradually rolled out in phases.

How Much are the Ad Credits Worth?

The ad credit amount depends on the customer and how much they’ve spent on Google Ads over the past two years. Two other factors that alter the value are the country and currency in which the Google Ads account is set up. Google also announced that these credits must be used by the end of 2020.

What are Other Ad Networks Doing?

In addition to Google, Facebook, Microsoft Advertising, and a number of other technology companies are offering credits, incentives, and other free resources to small-business owners affected by the coronavirus.

As a Google, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising partner, Netsertive is working closely with each company to understand how those benefits can be applied to your Netsertive account. All three ad networks have communicated that more information is coming, and Netsertive continues timely follow up to ensure any benefit provided can be utilized by our customers.

What is Netsertive Doing?

Netsertive is in constant communication with our Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook reps to ensure our customers receive the benefits and stay as informed as possible.

If you have any questions about how Google’s Ad Credit impacts your account or how you can optimize your ad campaigns to deliver improved results and performance, do not hesitate to reach out. Schedule a call with our team today.

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