On-Demand September 2022 Webinars for Franchise and Multi-Location Leaders

Hear From Top Brands on Increasing Recurring Revenue and Marketing Through Economic Uncertainty

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Marketing Through Economic Uncertainty

During the 2008 recession, brands that kept their advertising steady and remained strong in 2008 recovered 9x faster. Yet holding strong is easier said than done when budgets are cut, so how do you contain costs and remain dominant in the market? 

Join the marketing leaders behind RockBox Fitness and The Lash Lounge to hear tactical tips that multi-location businesses and franchise brands can use to maintain visibility and accelerate revenue growth during uncertain times. 

  • Gabby Powers, Director of Marketing at RockBox Fitness

  • Taylor Hulyksmith, CFE, VP of Marketing for The Lash Lounge

  • Erin Martin, VP of Marketing at Netsertive

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Boosting Recurring Revenue Through Marketing & Customer Experience

Recurring revenue is the foundation of success for many franchise and multi-location brands. But in a world where competition is high, 5-star service is expected, and price undercutting is always around the corner, how do you keep and build your recurring revenue base by continuing to keep your customers happy? 

In this on-demand webinar, our panelists from MaidPro, Streamline Brands, and Redline Athletics dive into how to build long-term business strategies that are infused with marketing and operational excellence to deliver an exceptional customer experience so you can keep and grow your recurring revenue for years to come.

  • Emily Estes, Senior Manager, Brand Operations at MaidPro

  • Ashley Mitchell, VP of Marketing at Streamline Brands

  • Katie Lacy, Director of Marketing at Redline Athletics

  • Madeleine Park, Director of Marketing at Netsertive and Franchisee at Threshold Brands and Clozetivity

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