Understanding your buyers’ search intent and how aware they are of your product or service will help you develop a digital marketing strategy to capture more of that demand. Search intent optimization is vital to improving your SERP ranking and overall digital presence.

The below exercise is a creative way to match your buyer’s search intent with the right marketing tactics. Oftentimes keyword research can leave marketers thinking too scientifically about search volume and CPC, and this mind mapping exercise aims to bring keyword strategy back to what matters most - the most relevant answer based on the buyer’s original intent. 


  1. Brainstorm common search terms for your product or service, based on the four stages of buyer awareness and examples below
  2. Brainstorm marketing tactics that meet the needs of each stage based on examples below
  3. Plan and execute against your top brainstormed marketing tactics!

Match Search Intent with Marketing Tactics

Need Help Pulling it All Together?

At Netsertive we love geeking out on keyword strategy, search intent, and capturing local demand more than most. If you're looking for a digital marketing partner to bounce some ideas off of, let us know!

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